A balanced essay that defines racism, classism and sexism and presents what in my view are the best remedies for all three.

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Defend your opinion with argument and reference to earlier readings and the movies, but do not repeat what you have written in earlier papers. If you wish, you may in this essay discuss how your views have changed over the term or in ways opinions with which you began the course have gotten stronger.

A researcher asked a man his opinion of a certain ethnic group. "They are moody and quick-tempered," he replied. "It is in their blood."

"Have you ever known any . . . personally?" the man was asked.

'Yes, one. He was our class president in high school.'

'Did this "class president" fit your image of them?'

"No," he admitted, "he was calm and pleasant."

'Then the "moodiness and quick temper" could not really have been "in his blood," could they?'

After a pause the man replied: "He was an exception."

In the United States and around the world, different cultural and groups of people have faced discrimination, which can be seen through the conflict between each other, the traditional gender habit between men and women, and the class consciousness between rich people and the poor people.

In the book, "Race Class and Gender", which wrote by, Margaret Anderson and Patricia Hill Collins. Elizabeth Higginbotham and Lyn Weber point out in "Moving Up with Kin and Community," one of the best ways of seeing how social class shapes relationships among members of the same class and among people of different social classes is to examine the experiences of people who have undergone social mobility. As they also observe, mobility experiences significantly differ for men and for women and for people of color and for whites." Instead of racism, sexism is also current in America; women have treated unfairly compared to men. Moreover, there is a classicism as...