"A Bad Choice" This is a standard english 101 narrative essay with a good descriptive story and meets a required 800 words.

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At the end of the hall, two very large club bouncers were forcefully directing the masses of innocent, intoxicated party animals out the club exit and loose into the parking lot. It was 6:00 a.m. and the Matrix was closing down so the ignorant owner of the club could count his dirty money and swim in his evil creed. I was waiting outside in the cold parking lot next to two girls, one of which had "lego her ego" all in front of a light post that was constantly flickering sporadically. The parking lot was filled with a crying mass of rioters all screaming and yelling for no intended purpose. A taxi cab pulled up and the two inebriated girls left, gracefully waving back at me, then suddenly the light burned out as they rode off into the night. Darkness had taken over. I was tensed with frustration as my friend was taking his sweet time to meet me in the parking lot.

Mark invited me to hang out with him because he was the DJ for the second segment in the club and we both were able to get in for free. He was able to get free drinks all night long.

Finally he shows up, stumbling out the exit with his hands full of expensive equipment that he treasured and held securely. We approach his hooked up, sleek black Mercedes-Benz and he places his precious equipment in the back seat. We enter the vehicle and I notice that Mark was extremely wasted. After arguing with my intoxicated friend about driving drunk, he began to give me a lecture on how he could drive perfectly fine and said, "if all else fails, we'll have our seatbelts on and you will have nothing to lose." I mentioned...