Australian Credit Card Industry

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1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this report, first of all, is to provide brief overview of the credit card industry. After that, a company in the Australian credit card industry, VISA International, will be discussed. From all of these discussions, three issues will come up which then, finally, will lead into recommendation about what should be done by VISA to utilize those issues and gain competitive advantages in the future.

1.2 Background

VISA International is one of the largest global credit card companies in Australia. However, recent development shows that due to the RBA reforms, VISA market share in Australia has been significantly affected and it keeps losing more and more market to its competitors. That's why, it is very interesting to discuss about this industry and see how VISA, one of the biggest Australian credit card companies, competes in this segment.

1.3 Scope

Australian credit card industry, to some extent, is a very big industry and has a lot of important aspects; therefore, it is almost impossible to analyze all those aspects in this report.

Thus, in this report, all the factors that will be analyzed are only those that important and, more specifically, have strong correlation with VISA International

1.4 Methodology

The type of data that were collected for this report includes speeches made by important people, text books, journal articles, and also data/information from the internet.

1.5 Assumption

In this report, it is assumed that all the data collected were correct at the time of this report being written or at the time when the sources of the data being written.

1.6 Plan

This report's plan firstly is to analyze the Australian credit card industry. Then, discuss what issues that VISA International has utilized in the past, and last, to give solid recommendation about...