ATV's (all terrian vehicles)

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Wonderful All Terrain Vehicles

ATV's, All Terrain Vehicle's, are amazing and exhilarating pieces of equipment in the world. With this great machinery comes great responsibility. Ontario has taken the responsibility of informing its citizens of the dangers and rules that where to be followed for the safety of the people.

Basic Rules and Regulations

Some basic rues in which to keep the safe being of society.

i)all off-road vehicles must have registration with the Ministry of Transportation.

operators over the age of 16 to register a vehicle.

iii) registration is not needed for those

who use the vehicle for specific agriculture functions.

iv)ATV's are recreational, and can be used for other purposes, therefore all ATV's must be registered.

v)ATV's can not be operated on a public road, street, or even the highway.

vi)ATV's can cross some certain roads.

vii) both the operator of the vehicle and owner are responsible of any act being broken.

viii)must be over 12 years of age to use a ATV out of adult supervision, and of the permitted land of the owner of the ATV.

ix) the operator of the vehicle must wear a helmet, on the property of the governments/owners.

x) all ATV's must be insured, the Ontario insurance act.

xi) proof of the insurance must be carried by the owner/operator of the ATV.

With these simple logical rules safety while riding an ATV will be comforting and exhilarating.

ATV's Effects

ATV's are well and swell for excitement and traveling tough terrain. but what affects does it have on the environment. Well the vehicles are well known for compacting the soil beneath it, but yet again we all compact the soil. But the major effect of the ATV is the run off. The tracks ruin the path on which many things...