Assess the Aid Linking associations of Australia and the Solomon Islands.

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AID LINKSThe Solomon Islands has a mere population of 566,842 inhabiting the magnificent coral and mountainous islands. 28000 square kilometers is where all these people are situated on. Thankfully, things are running great for the Solomon islanders as aid assistance from neighboring countries (especially Australia) are helping fill the gaps as there is a high population growth placing pressure on infrastructure and human resources and supplies.

Solomon IslandsCapital: HoniaraHead of government: Prime Minister Sir Allan KemakezaBorder countries: Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, AustraliaThe Nature: AIDThe quality of governance influenced development of small island states with limited economies of scale and few opportunities for diversification. Improve governance in the Pacific and Solomon Islands, it will be important to foster a sense of ownership of initiatives within countries themselves and tailor development co-operation programs to individual country needs and capacities.

At the 2003 Pacific Islands Forum, leaders supported increased pooling of regional resources, which builds on the collaborative tradition of pacific States.

The active participation of regional states in RAMSI reflects collaborative management of regional problems.

Placing experienced Australian public servants within pacific bureaucracies will enable agencies to develop and expand on the qualities of the Solomon Island’s current policy developments. The new Pacific Governance Support Program will provide an additional $6 million in 2004-2005 to fund activities that enhance and create a good sense of governance and institutional capacity by transferring public sector expertise between Australia and Solomon Islands.

Australia will also work closely with national police forces on a regional basis through the implementation of the Pacific Regional Policing Initiative.

The Roles in RelationAustralia’s role in the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) reflects a more concerted approach to:-development and co-operation-expansion of support for improved economic management-cross-boarder and internal security-conflict prevention and resolution-good governanceRAMSI has been an experiment for the...