Articel Critique: Election Over, McCain Criticizes Bush on Climate Change By Andrew C. Revkin

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The article that I selected from The New York Times, without doubt has a liberal point of view depicted in it. The basic line of attack in this article is to show a representative of the Republican political party constantly criticizing President Bush and the political faction to which he belongs. The Times is trying to rationalization that even high ranking officials in the political party are taking a different stance on many issues, then that of President Bush. Documented in this case is Senator John McCain, from Arizona.

The article starts out by saying that, yes; Senator McCain did campaign for the President's re-election, but hastily dissociated himself from Bush on the subject matter of climate change. President Bush has opposed restrictions on carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases since early 2001, when he abandoned a pledge he made in his first presidential campaign to restrict carbon dioxide from power plants.

The article testifies that Senator McCain has been trying to get a bill passed for three years, which he wrote with Democratic Senator of Connecticut Joseph Lieberman that would create the first, modest curbs on greenhouse gases. Senator McCain is also the chairman of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee.

In the newspaper column, Mr. McCain stated that the bill, which he describes as modest, had probably lost some support in the Senate because of the election results. "We got 43 votes," he said of the last vote on the bill, a year ago. "We may get less than that given the change in the Senate and House..." I take this statement as the Senator knows that with a majority of the Congress being Republican and the President not supporting any type of bill for the suppression of green-house gasses, that the passing of the bill...