"Army Rangers Taliban Terminators". This essay is about the history of the Army Rangers trainning,history and recent missions.

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The Army Rangers Taliban Terminators

Exploding hand grenades and being fired at by the enemy is all apart of war. In war there is always a Army, Navy, and a Air force. These all would be key for a victory, back in the 1800s. But its the 21st century and military tactics have changed. Armies no longer fight in rows marching toward the enemy. Today guerrilla tactics are used to weaken whole platoons. To defend America against these guerrilla tactics, the U.S. Army Rangers have been formed. They are highly skilled. They are able to go by air, sea, or land. The Army Rangers are the best trained soldiers in the world. Even though being and Army Ranger may be risky, its greatest reward is defending the greatest nation on earth.

Before the United States was born the Rangers had their beginning. The worlds best soldiers were called "Rangers" a mere 200 years ago ("Rangers").

The first Rangers were regular men. These men were not like any other soldier. Some colonist formed companies of Rangers. One of these companies of Rangers for the colonist. One of these companies was Rogers Rangers ("Grenada"). A man named Robert Rogers was the leader of the small company. They went on very dangerous missions that the regular army did not do. The Northern Rangers Destroyed Many of the southern forts ("Rangers"). The Rangers were a big help for the North in the civil war. The Rangers planned many ambushes against the south. After the Civil war there would be peace time but in about seventy years

the Rangers will be called on again.

During World War II the Rangers contributed to the fall of the axis powers. Tough and experienced, the Rangers were able to recapture the town of Salerno in just a few...