The Arab-Isralie conflict

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The six days in June

The fighting started in June 1967. The small country of Israel, less than 2.5 million people, took over land double its size. The first thing they did was shutting down the strait of Tiran. On June 5 Egypt was taken. The Egyptian airforce was destroyed in 3 hours. Then they marched through Egypt until he captured the Suez Canal. Soon Israel also took Jerusalem ,Judea and Samaria. Within six days the Israelis also took their nearest threat, Syria. In Syria they were able to avoid millions of mines and were able to defeat them.

Even though, it was a great win Israel suffered great losses. Due to the Six Day War more than 700 Israelis died and over 2,500 were wounded. They gave back some of the land they took but there are still fights about some of it.

Why were they fighting?

They fought for political reasons and over land.

Israel becoming an independent state fed to the hatred that they had for each other. Palestine thought they Israel should give them the city of Jerusalem. They wanted it so they could become a state too. Palestine wanted control of Jerusalem because they think that they were there first, but there were conflicts because the Israelis would not give city. As the years went by thousands of people have died because these two countries could not agree or work together.

Giving Peace a Chance

One of the various peace groups is the Shalom Achshav. They believe peace can be achieved if the Israelis would withdraw from the West Bank and Gaza. They also believe in the creation of a Palestinian state with strict military limitations. They think there should be peace between Israel and Syria. They should also split up Jerusalem according to the...