Appraisal System - An Overview

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Performance Appraisal - An Overview 2

Understanding Performance Management 2

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Performance Appraisal - An Overview

In this course work I am going to make an overview on the different performance appraisal systems analysing, in more detail, the most promising new system called the 360º appraisal system. I will understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different evaluation systems co-relating it with performance management. Furthermore I will analyse why companies use performance appraisal and what benefits can the employers and the employees take from appraisal systems.

Understanding Performance Management

Performance management is seen as an approach to Human Resources policies but also to run a business as a whole. For the majority of the organisations the term 'performance management' is similar to performance appraisal or performance-related pay.

However, the most common idea of performance management is that it creates a vision of the purpose and aims of the organisation, which enables the employee to understand and recognise their part as well as managing and attracting the performance of both the employees and the organisation (Fletcher and Williams, 1992).

Performance management is seen as a way of increasing employee performance towards the organisation, it is recognised that performance appraisal plays a key part in performance management systems. While making sure employee's effort is directed towards organisational priorities and that appropriate training and development is carried out so that employees are successful towards the organisation goals and that successful performance is reinforced and rewarded.

Performance management is an ongoing communication process that involves both the performance manager and the employee in identifying and describing essential job functions and relating them to the mission and goals of the organization, developing...