Apples and Vineyards- a random poem

Essay by WaitingxRoom April 2008

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ok well this is obviously not an essay. its just a thing i wrote once and recently found it and quite liked it so i thought id publish it here:) hope you like it.

however it says that my 'essay is too short to even be considered' so im just adding this to make it a little bit longer, i know its not fair but that doesnt make sense its a poem how long is it meant to be to be even considered? ok this should do.

Don’t worry, laugh weAs nobody worries anymoreBecause the man with a longbeard continues to singso

the notes slide up anddown the stringsas they ringon a very small green *By the red writing on aa red backgroundSo we together ShakeSimply now the ink soundsAnd the people fallinto soft bags next to the crossed outwords-- -- this makes us feelSafe I wish I could go on forever but My eyes nowhurt and for the descript.

of my handwritingclearly isn’t enough space*piece of paperThe light behind me isEnough as long as it shinesAnd my simple and soSo so sweet humane andHonest will does not runOut. The boys nearby tie their shoelaces and lookUp while the blues soundsAnd starts to hurt How new is this?Car motors roarThey save our lives oh boyI’m in the sky on a bedOf metal my life is some-Where there living away(probably covered in good will and cocaine)It’s gone right nowOnly for this second- it’s almost back alreadyFriends from around the corner which corner? There is so manyAnd I want to marry them all,Some of them!