The Apartment - Character Arc and the Hero's Journey.

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The Apartment

The ordinary world to Calvin Clifford (C.C) Baxtor is pimping his apartment to his superiors. For a bachelor, Baxtor's apartment isn't popular amongst his friends because of its size and upkeep, but because it's the hub for all the extramarital sexual escapades of superiors. Baxtor does this so he can get promotions and pay-raises, and he doesn't seem bothered by being the corporate tool. He just works after hours, waiting for his clients to be done with his apartment.

Baxtor realizes this situation of loaning his living quarters is becoming a hassle on his daily affairs. He has to now arrange appointments between five bosses, including his new boss Mr. Sheldrake which is seeing Miss Kubelik, an employee that Baxtor is infatuated with. Baxtor doesn't yet know of the secret relationship between Kubelik and Sheldrake, but suspicions arise when Kubelik's mirror gets tossed around between the three. Baxtor then sees the conflict a lot clearer now, knowing that something it just won't work out anymore.

Baxtor tries to change the current situation by making excuses to his bosses about using his apartment but they begin to pull-rank, causing him to step down from the confrontation. He ends up making a new key for his new boss, Mr. Sheldrake and the ordeal continues. Baxtor becomes down-on-his-luck at a bar drinking it up with a blonde girl he never met or seen before.

The blonde and Baxtor end up at his apartment, by that time Mr. Sheldrake and his date were supposed to have left. Baxtor goes into his bedroom and there lies Miss Kubelik, sound asleep. Baxtor is shocked to see her there, and is even more shocked to know that she has overdosed on sleeping pills. Panicking, Baxtor hurries the blonde out the door and tries to aid...