Essay by girltazuk April 2003

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Her legs start to move, heart starts to pound

Turn up the music cause she likes the sound

She looks around the room every1 is there

people notice and begin 2 stare

She's awake all night, people's asleep

There's not a sound, not even a peep

She doesn't know what is happening

Not that long ago there was a mob of people gathering

Her mouth is dry she runs to the sink

Turns on the tap and gets a drink

People's eyes open, they are awakening

By now her whole body is shaking

She goes to lie down and close her eyes

But she is in 4 a big surprise

She realises that she isn't tired

Feels like a robot, like her body is wired

The next day she can't eat

But still feels like she wants to move her feet

She doesn't want to do anything, the feeling aint good

She doesn't feel hungry though her body is shouting FOOD

Yesterday the feeling was great

But if you seen her now she is in a state

It was all good until she got the 'come - down'

The great big smile has turned into a sad frown

The world is silent, only birds tweeting

She cannot even feel her own heart beating

You got it in 1, she is finally sleeping