The annuncement of the attack on Iraq by President George Bush on January 16, 1991

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President George Bush announces the U.S. attack of Iraq

When a war is taking place between two countries, every single detail of why the countries are going to war must be very clearly stated. In the case of the 1991 Gulf War between the United States and Iraq, the stated reason was that the leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, led his country to invade a neighboring Arab country named Kuwait. While also wanted to disarm Iraq of its nuclear and biological weapons program, the President of the United States clearly stated that the reason for going to war with Iraq was the move them out of Kuwait and bring back peace in both countries. However, in the speech given by President George Bush announcing the attack on Iraq, he stated certain things that lead people to believe that his motive for the war was otherwise.

Prior to the Gulf War, it was well known amongst the world that the United States did not like Iraq due to the fact that they did not abide by the rule set up by the U.S.

and the United Nations. Therefore it is believed by many that the U.S. was basically looking for a reason to go to war with Iraq. In Bush's speech, he speaks little of fighting the war to bring peace to Kuwait, but speaks very heavily of disarming Saddam of nuclear and biological weapons and calling him a dictator. Bush speaks very little of the pain and injustice endured by the citizens of Kuwait and speaks more the potential of Iraq developing a nuclear bomb. This has led many people to ask the question, is the U.S. really trying to save Kuwait, or are they trying to save themselves from a country with the potential of a nuclear bomb that...