Animal Testing: Are we right to give them no rights? (supports animal testing)

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There is a fine line between working toward a cause effectively and overdoing it. Animal rights activists cross this line time and time again with their outrageous protests attempting to abolish the use of animals in scientific experiments. They don't understand that it is crucial for scientists to carry out these experiments in order for our society to continue improving health wise.

We live longer and healthier lives due to the testing of animals. They have allowed for enormous advances in treating and preventing disease and illness. We are now able to eliminate diseases that were once fatal and are able to repair incurable conditions. These advances have also ensured that the drugs being used in the medical field are more effective and safer for our health and environment. Without these advances, our lifespan would be much shorter, our health worse and our environment and country poorer.

Due to strict regulations, researchers ensure that the animals' suffering is reduced to an absolute minimum.

They make sure that the benefits of the research are weighed against the effects on the animals concerned. It is obvious, however, that there are many people with concerns about the use of animals in scientific procedures. There are numerous organizations, such as the Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments (FRAME), that are currently working to please these citizens by making sure there are no alternatives, like replacing animal use entirely, reducing the number of animals needed, or refine the procedures to minimize suffering. Some organizations are reasonable in their requests, understanding that animal testing is essential, but others would like for it to be completely banned.

There are a small group of extremists that use illegal and violent methods in order to stop animal experiments. Instead of making an effort to change the...