Animal Rights Protests Gone Bad.

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Have you heard about the animal rights protests on the news? Well, there is a big problem with animal rights protests in today's society. People are taking it too far, and creating dangerous scenarios. To be more specific, the group known as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) believes that anything hurting or using animals is wrong and they go so far with their protests that they affect people in a negative way. They are doing cruel things to others that have different views them, and they think that everyone should agree with them. Society doesn't work that way.

In a recent article I found online, I learned that PETA was encouraging college students to drink beer instead of milk! That's right, they actually want college kids to drink beer! Their campaign was attacking the "Got Milk?" ads. They believe that no one should drink milk because it's hurting the cow.

They went so far, that they even gave out beer bottle-shaped bottle openers that say, "Drink responsibly. Don't drink milk. Save a cow's life!" Many college officials are disgusted with the campaign, because more and more college students are dying from binge drinking. This is wrong and disgusting, because many college kids are under the age of 21. Encouraging them to drink beer, and telling them that drinking it is healthy for them is not a reasonable way to campaign against milk.

In a similar article about PETA, I learned that members of the animal rights group went uninvited to a Versace haute couture show. They disrupted the show by jumping on the catwalk during the show. They also ruined many photographers' pictures by jumping up with signs reading "Fur Kills!" The Versace show didn't even display any animal fur on any of the outfits.