Analysis of Marco Bok's Woman On Bondi Photo in relation to the Human Condition

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The photo Woman on Bondi by Marco Bok is a text that visually represents the human potential for experiencing moments of true happiness and bliss. It also brings into light certain stereotypes that have been put forward by society and challenges them, such as the valuing of only superficial looks and a slender body for females.

Marco Bok has employed several visual techniques in order to address and highlight these issues. The photographer has chosen a low-angle point of view for this photo which emphasises her massive size. Her expression is one of utter happiness and joy, with her smile being one of the most salient features of the photograph. These two techniques result with us perceiving the woman as lacking the self-consciousness that is usually associated with obesity, creating a carefree semblance very similar to that of a child.

Bok also uses a close-up focus, resulting with the foregrounding of the subject, and the blurring of the city.

This places major emphasis, again, on the woman and her size. However, the blurring effect employed on the city creates a sense of distance and insignificance, as if the woman is no longer bound by societal norms.

Framing and placement have been used in conjunction to present the subject as though she was one with nature. The placement of the woman on the edge of the water synthesises her figure into the natural, rolling motions of the waves, with her curved body adding to this effect. Bok has also used framing to achieve a similar result, to associate the woman with nature, particularly with the presence of such natural elements around her. Furthermore, the vector line created by her leg draws our eyes to her left hand which is earthed in the sand; a symbolic representation of her merge...