American Unrest In the Civil War

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Beginning in the late 1700's Americans colonists began to want more freedom. This led to the American Revolution and to many changes in the government. Although, not all of the Americans were happy with the way things turned out. This created a period, between1850 and 1890, of social, political, and economic unrest.

In the years leading up to, through, and after the Civil War the social pattern of America changed. Many Americans didn't want to be drafted after seeing so many of their friends come back from the war dead or wounded. In New York City on July 13, 1863 government officials ignored signs of upcoming trouble and tried to put the draft into effect. When this was attempted, foreign-born laborers attacked the draft HQ and the surrounding area. During the four-day riot they fought off the police and local militia. The rioters caused over 1 million dollars in damages and many people lost their lives.

Troops sent by the government from the Army of the Potomac restored order. (Long)

The Civil War heavily influenced women. During the Civil War women took men's jobs at the factories in the North, while Southern women took care of the farms and plantation with only the help of their slaves. Southern women were also notorious for disguising themselves as men and enlisting in the Army. The war also affected the youth of America. Children under the age of 17 began to enlist as drummers and musicians. Some even faked their age and enlisted in the regular army. At this time in the 1800's the standard level of education in the North was High School and in the South it was grade school. With the help of women in factories the economy of both the North and the South changed. (Varholm)

Furthermore, the Northern...