The American Revolution was more sucessful than the British and French Revolution.

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During the time period between 1600 A.D. and 1800 A.D. there was several revolutions that have emerged to change the fate of nations. Among these heroic revolutions which were led and fought by heroic individuals, one stands out among the many; and that is the American Revolution. There are a number of historical facts that can support this statement. One of which, would be the way that the Revolution was executed against the odds, and the result of the operation. Another would be the long term result of that operation.

In the American Revolution, the colonists were fighting Britain, which at the time was one of the most powerful nations in the world. It had the best navy in the world, along with one of the largest and most professional army in the world. In comparison, the American colonists had small militias that was not professionally trained, not organized in a national way, and had small amount weapons that were handmade by the individual and low amounts of ammunition and gun powder.

In the short term, the war was fought in a very different way than previous wars in the world. The British army was trained to fight in straight lines that were very articulate about how they fought. They would go into combat in a 'formation' which would be used to kind of "show off" the British military to the British people, but when it was used in combat against the Americans, it showed devastating consequences for the British forces. In the American Revolution, the American colonists took a new approach at combat; they would use "guerrilla tactics". This is when the American colonists would hide behind: trees, boulders, houses, etc. This provided the American colonists with a distinct advantage over the British army, and gave...