American Revoluitions against the british in 1775-1783.

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The American colonists won there war against the British for several reasons. They had an alliance with France who was enemies of Britain; they had home soil advantage and a different style of fighting all these factors contribute to the eventual overthrow of British rule.

The two battles, Lexington and Concord had many similarities as the people who actually fought in these battles were called "minutemen" making arms with whatever they could. They were tradesmen and farmers who blocked the path of the British with up to hundreds of men, many of which were told to go home but refused this led to 8 minutemen being shot dead in Lexington's main street. Many minutes later the British arrived at concord where they destroyed weapons and gunpowder. There was one problem by the time the British had completed there task and headed back to Boston hundreds of "Minutemen" had gathered on both sides of the street in concord where 273 British soldiers were shot down as the Colonists had a much appreciated home soil advantage.

The anger of the colonists was still seen as when the British returned to Boston they were attacked by hundreds of armed Colonists trying to over throw the British and show them just how powerful they are on home soil.

The British had some advantages, and when these advantages arose they took them in full force. One of these disadvantages was the Colonists army, it was not an army as such but more a group of armed civilians fighting for hat they believed in, and they were up against one of the most Powerful, Disciplined army's of the world. This was a huge advantage and it surely looked like that the British could claim back America for themselves.

The Americans might have had an army that...