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Chapter four Ids

Indentured Servitude

1. System in which people paid for their transportation to America by pledging to perform a certain number of years service for the landowner

2. Created to help solve the labor shortage in Virginia

3. Many people were left unemployed and jobless after their time of servitude was over

Historical Significance: Indentured Servitude helped solve some labor shortage problems and also helped increase the population in the colonies.

Headright System

1. One headright was equal to fifty acres of land

2. One headright was given to those who would pay for the passage of an immigrant to the colonies

3. Every person to enter Virginia was given a headright

Historical Significance: The headright system helped solve labor shortages in Virginia

William Berkeley

1. British colonial governor of Virginia

2. Introduced crop diversification

3. Fought with Bacon for control of Virginia

Historical Significance: William Berkeley believed the native Americans should have rights and wanted peace with them, this created some turmoil in Virginia and started Bacon's Rebellion

Bacon's Rebellion

1. Bacon disagreed with Berkeley's policy with Indians so he started an uprising against the Native Americans

2. Turned his forces against Berkeley and captured Jamestown

3. Rebellion ended with Bacon's death

Historical Significance: Bacon's Rebellion was successful in extending the rights of freemen while limiting even further the rights of the native Americans

Halfway covenant

1. Adopted in the 17th century by the Puritans

2. Allowed the children of baptized but unconverted church members to be baptized

3. The halfway covenant was brought about as a compromise over disputes about requirements for church membership

Historical Significance: Though the halfway covenant did not resolve the major dispute over requirements for church membership, it did help solve some problems within the church

The Middle Passage

1. The part...