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Chapter three Ids

Mayflower Compact

1. Signed by 41 males onboard the Mayflower

2. Created to make sure that none of the group leave to form their own colony

3. Bound the group into one political body that would have to abide by any laws established

Historical Significance: The Mayflower Compact was the bases for the government in the Plymouth Bay colony

Halfway Covenant

1. Religious-political solution adopted by the Puritans

2. Allowed children of baptized but unconverted church members to be baptized

3. Only accepted by some New England congregations

Historical Significance: The Halfway covenant relaxed church membership rules

John Winthrop

1. First governor of the Massachusetts Bay colony

2. Made laws for the colony based on his Puritan religious beliefs

3. Opposed by some (example: Anne Hutchinson) for his Puritan rule

Historical Significance: The Puritans left England for freedom of religion but they were not willing to grant this freedom of religion to any other religions, John Winthrop shows this.

Anne Hutchinson

1. Criticized John Winthrop's Puritan rule

2. Was banished for her unorthodox views

3. She and her husband established a colony at Aquidneck Island

Historical Significance: Anne Hutchinson challenged the government and religious views

Roger Williams

1. Founder of Rhode Island

2. Banned from the Massachusetts Bay colony for his beliefs including religious tolerance and native American rights

3. Instituted a separation of church and state in Rhode Island

Historical Significance: Roger Williams was the founder of Rhode Island a colony known for its religious tolerance. Rhode Island soon became a haven for Quakers seeking religious liberty.


1. Actually the Society of Friends but more commonly referred to as Quakers

2. Members often persecuted for rejecting church and state, refusing to pay taxes, and refusing to take oaths

3. Many Quakers moved to Rhode Island...