"Always In My Heart" a poem I wrote for an ex-boyfriend who I dated through out high school.

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You're still lost without me

Or so it seems

I knew you so well

I'd like to say I still do, but we both know this bridge between us is too hard to cross

So what brought me here today

To write these words I could never say?

Is it wrong to reminisce?

I picture the fun, crazy, funny, and special times

And a smile stretches across my lips

The same smile you fell in love with

Then I hit myself

I realize how mean I was to you

How did you still love me?

I could never love myself

We fit together like puzzle pieces

Oh how I remember fitting together

Then you were there when I needed a shoulder to cry on

You carried me home, brought me tissues and wiped away my tears

You would let me talk about nothing for hours at a time And you'd listen and laugh

We'd laugh together

We even cried together

You held my hand and the world was mine

I shot you down when the air was thin and I couldn't breathe

But I was only hurting myself in the long run

Sometimes I wonder where you are

And who you're thinking of

I wonder if you've changed

And if you've considered falling in love

When it isn't a thing to consider

Hearts pounding chest to chest, nervous hands, wet lips

Finally the words escaped from your mouth

Like a butterfly from a mason jar

"I love you,"

"I love you too."

Never will I forget

Behind this coverup you see

Is something I can't explain or understand

Yet somehow I think you know

You're always there; always in my heart