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The story takes place in the mid 18'th century. The book is built as a dream Alice is having. Places and scenery changes in a blink of an eye, just like in a dream, so we don't know very well where Alice is. For example, Alice walks through a door from inside a house to its garden, when she passes through it again, she is in the court of the queen...

The main character is Alice. She is a young girl with a tendency to talk to herself. She appears to be resourceful. She has a cat named Diana. She falls through a rabbit hole to wonderland. She is actually the only main character, mainly because all the other characters appear briefly. And there are plenty of those: The Cheshire cat, the duchess, the queen, the white rabbit and others.

The story begins on a bank of a river, where Alice sits near her sister and her cat, Dian.

Suddenly she sees a white rabbit dressed in a coat. Alice follows him into a rabbit hole. In the bottom she tries to get into a beautiful garden. She experiences many changes in size due to some beverages and foods. Eventually she shrinks and gets carried away with a stream of tears she cried earlier. On the shore, she goes to the rabbit's house to bring him his gloves and fan. In his house she grows to fill the house. The rabbit tries to remove her by inserting a lizard (Bill) through the chimney and Alice sends him rocketing away with a kick. She shrinks again and leaves the house. She goes to meet the caterpillar and he tells her that one end of his mushroom shrinks and the other grows. She goes to the house of the duchess...