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The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho is a story about a boy named Santiago who has spent two years shepherding sheep. Santiago is faced with an inner conflict between shepherding sheep and seeking his personal legend. The conflict arises when Santiago meets, Melchizedek, who calls himself the king of Salem and who the author characterizes as a “servant of God.” When they meet, Melchizedek writes personal information about Santiago in the sand, even “things he had never told anyone.” Melchizedek tells Santiago that he is speaking to him because Santiago has discovered his “personal legend” and is about to give up on it. According to Melchizedek, a personal legend is what a person has always wanted to accomplish. The king says that everyone knows with great clarity what they want when they are young. They are not afraid to dream, but as they grow older they begin to give up on their dreams.

Santiago decides that he will seek his personal legend with guidance of the King. In exchange for his advice, Santiago gives the King one tenth of his flock. The King gives Santiago directions on how to accomplish his personal legend. The first thing the King tells Santiago to do is to stop doubting himself. Believing in your dreams is what the king calls “favorability.” Once you believe in your dreams then you have to be able to “follow the signs” or omens in your path.

Throughout the story Santiago encounters a number of negative forces including his own personal doubts; betrayal - when he gets robbed by a person that acted as if he was his friend; and challenges such as loosing everything. Despite these problems, Santiago manages to overcome by learning new skills and gathering new sources of income. Still, the obstacles that he faces make him...