Advise, Jenny, Billy, Edison and Melissa of their legal rights and obligations, if any.

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The issue should be discussed is whether Billy's letter should be a valid acceptance to Jenny's offer.

Where the offerer indicates that acceptance of the offer must be made by a particular method only (e.g. by post), the acceptance must be made by that particular method .

As Jenny did make it very clear that she will only accept communication by telephone during the telephone conversation with Billy, pursuant to the rule, in this case a valid acceptance must be a phone call.

Therefore, Billy's letter is not a valid acceptance.

According to that, there should not be a contract between Billy and Jenny.

Consequently, I would advise Billy that he is very unlikely to be an owner of that property.

Edison There are a number of issues should be discussed between Edison and Jenny.

The first issue should be discussed is whether the demand of Edison on Jenny to reduce the price of the property to $180,000 will terminate the offer from Jenny or not.

It should be noted that the demand of Edison is a counter offer.

As a general rule, an offer remains open until it has been accepted, rejected, revoked or has lapsed .

A counter offer is a rejection of an offer. The rejection of an offer by the offeree kills the offer. The offer comes to an end. It can no longer be accepted by the offeree .

In the case between Hyde and Wrench , on 6th June 1840, the defendant by his agent offered to sell his farm to the plaintiff for �200. The plaintiff by his agent refused. On the same day, the defendant by his agent offered to sell for �000. The plaintiff by his agent offered to buy for �0. The defendant asked for time to consider. On 27th...