Advertisements use unique ways to grab audiences: compares the techniques of two breast cancer ads

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The Techniques Behind The Ads

Advertisements affect our society everyday. They encourage certain behaviors, lifestyles, and images. Ads cause us to look at ourselves and analyze how we compare to the ideal woman or man. But what some people don't consciously realize is that ads can persuade us to do so much more. There are so many ads for so many different things, ideas, and companies. All ads are fighting for their readers' attention. One unique advertisement is one for a cure for breast cancer. I find it especially interesting in how ads for illnesses suck their audience into their cause. They aren't telling individuals how to live the best life or the easiest way to be beautiful, powerful, or popular like many ads perceive. A breast cancer ad is only looking for its audience to be compassionate, sympathetic, and help a worldwide cause.

Breast cancer ads beg for our donations, awareness, and help to find a cure.

They do this by hitting everyone on an emotional level. One ad from the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in Cosmopolitan uses a variety of pathos. It's image of a father and his daughter in a black and white, depressing atmosphere is very powerful. It sends a message to its audience that they were left by the mother and wife. She was a victim of breast cancer. The whole ad revolves around the images of family and friends who are affected by women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

All the people who see this ad feel some sympathy for the widowed father and the adorable little girl who now has to go through life without her mother. The ad makes you feel like you are on a personal level with both of them because their names are present. It allows you to...