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Clive Staples Lewis was born in Ireland on November 29, 1898. His father was Albert Lewis and his mother was Flora Lewis. He had one older brother, Warren Lewis. At the age of four, shortly after his dog Jacksie was hit by a car, Lewis announced that his name was now Jacksie. At first he would answer to no other name, but later accepted Jacks which became Jack, the name by which he was known to friends and family for the rest of his life.

Lewis was initially schooled by private tutors before being sent to the Wynyard School, the same year that his mother died of cancer. His brother had already enrolled there three years previously. The school was closed not long afterwards due to a lack of students.

After Wynyard closed, Lewis attended Campbell College, but he left after a few months due to respiratory problems. As a result of his illness, Lewis was sent to a health-resort town, where he attended a preparatory school.

It was during his time at this school that he abandoned his childhood Christian faith and became an atheist, becoming interested in mythology.

Having won a scholarship to University College, in 1916, Lewis enlisted the following year in the British Army's Light Infantry. Lewis arrived at the front line in France on his nineteenth birthday, and experienced trench warfare. He was discharged in December 1918, and soon returned to his studies. He received a First in Honor Moderations in 1920, a First in Greats in 1922, and a First in English in 1923.

Influenced by arguments with his Oxford colleague and friend J. R. R. Tolkien, he slowly rediscovered Christianity. He became a member of the Church of England - somewhat to the disappointment of the Catholic Tolkien, who had hoped he...