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When the Cuban population revolted in 1895 it set in motion the next war in American history that is known as the Spanish-American War. Varied viewpoints have arisen as to why the Unites States entered into this specific endeavor most of which have some validity. The theories that seem to be not necessarily the most accepted but are the most highly regarded are the ones dealing with an American response to Cuba's scorched earth campaign. Another is regarding a response to the flood of American sympathy and anger created by the "yellow journalism" that was propagated by the war between media moguls William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer. The last reason was advocated by William Williams and Walter LaFeber was that the US enters into this conflict with the intension of expanding our foreign markets so that we may more profitably sell the goods that were being produced in our booming economy.

After the Cuban population stated to revolt against the Spaniards whose rule they were under rumors started to spread as to the treatment that was being given to the Cuban people. After the uprising the Spanish sent General Weyler. General Weyler set about crushing the rebellion with a simple philosophy, the less people there are around to betray us the less people we need to fight to regain control over the colony. With this new found philosophy he went about confine most of the previously free Cuban population to razor wire enclosed concentration camps. These camps were so vile and unsanitary that the when the news reached the American public they demanded that the US step in to stop this inhumane behavior. These stories's along with many others including the destruction of the U.S.S Maine were amplified and exploited by the tabloids of William Randolph Hearst and Joseph...