"451 Fahrenheit" by Bradbury.

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In his book Bradbury shows his view of the future as he sees it from the 1950s. In the society, that Bradbury describes, books are forbidden and with them - the right to think for yourself. The main character of the book is Guy Montag, who works as a fireman, but instead of putting out fires his job is to burn books. In the beginning Montag is happy with his job and his life, but as the story advances Montag's life changes drastically. He meets a young girl named Clarisse who is considered weird by the society. Clarisse opens his eyes to the world as it is. Asking him simple questions about himself and his life she confuses Montag and makes him think. Once started thinking never again is he happy as he used to be.

After this Montag starts to question the values of his society and not being able to find the answer himself he turns to books.

We find out that he has been stealing books before, but never dared to read them. Now as he starts thinking he sees no other choice. The story takes a breathtaking turn when Montag's chief discovers that he has books and comes to burn the house. Affected by growing fear for himself and being shocked by the reality, he kills his chief and manages to escape.

Although the book does not have a lot of action in it, Bradbury captures your mind by the deepness of thought. Despite the fact that the book was written more than 50 years ago the questions raised in it are still valid in today's world. One of the main themes of the book is the way the society is set up. The main principle is that individual should know as little as possible,