12 angry men movie to book analyisis.

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The Fight For A Life

In the classic story of ?12 Angry Men? originally directed by Sidney Lunnet and then by William Friedkin many characteristics shine through in both films. Both directors chose different actors, camera angles, and lighting, but the essence of the film stays the same. Each film also is greatly influenced by the time period in which they were made. Each time period is reflected in many ways throughout the story of ?12 Angry Men?, the same deep message can be pulled from each version due to the vast similarities and differences in each.

The action in this play is that of a tense and tight because of the seriousness of the case at hand. Sidney Lument uses the tense environment in the play to make the movie seem as realistic as possible. The tension also plagues the members of the jury. The jury comes from many different life styles.

The wealthier of the jurors degrade and put down the neighborhood from which a few jurors lived in which causes the tension to only rise. These scenes of conflict raise the intensity of the movie and grab the viewer?s attention, and while the audience is pulled in the many little important details are reviled. Sidney Lument adds more scenes in his portrayal. The bathroom scene, one of the added scenes, is where two jurors discuss the verdict away from the loud conference room, where much of the commotion is going on. William Friedkin uses a little different od of action; he tones those scenes down a little, but makes them more frequent as an attempt to keep viewers attention longer. The action scenes are what create the tense atmosphere where the debates begin and where they end.

The variation of camera angles and...